Friday, December 28, 2007

How Old Are You, Really?

Author Penelope Trunk writes, “If you want to know how old you really are, look at the media you use rather than the generation you were born into...

Penelope’s blog offers a test to determine your media age.

Do you have your own web page? (1 point)
Have you made a web page for someone else? (2 points)
Do you IM your friends? (1 point)
Do you text your friends? (2 points)
Do you watch videos on YouTube? (1 point)
Do you remix video files from the Internet? (2 points)
Have you paid for and downloaded music from the Internet? (1 point)
Do you know where to download free (illegal) music from the Internet? (2 points)
Do you blog for professional reasons? (1 point)
Do you blog as a way to keep an online diary? (2 points)
Have you visited MySpace at least five times? (1 point)
Do you communicate with friends on Facebook? (2 points)
Do you use email to communicate with your parents? (1 point)
Did you text to communicate with your parents? (2 points)
Do you take photos with your phone? (1 point)
Do you share your photos from your phone with your friends? (2 points)

0-1 point - Baby Boomer

2-6 points - Generation Jones

6- 12 points - Generation X

12 or over - Generation Y


(I scored 14, Generation Y but I was born into Gen X)


At 12:10 PM, Blogger VP said...

Oops - I scored 6, must try harder!

However, I'm a baby boomer really...

At 11:52 PM, Blogger Mrs. G. said...

Damn, I'm old.


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