Friday, September 21, 2007

Devestating loss for female football fans.

For years now, women who have been dragged to Chelsea football (soccer) matches have not complained. The reason? Manager, José Mourinho.

There are men who have it; and there are men who don't. There are men who can stride into a room and feel every pair of eyes turn towards them; and there are men who can walk into a room and out again without anyone realising they've been or gone. Then, there is Jose Mourinho – a man whose charisma comes banging on the door half an hour before he arrives.

The man has so much magnetism that it leaps out of the television and off the newspaper pages. Oh Jose, how we'll miss you... He was beamed down into a world dominated by sheepskin coats, guttural accents, pot bellies and shiny red faces, and now he has left – disappearing under the cover of darkness. What a duller place football already seems without him...

He is charming and bright (he speaks five languages, and is a master tactician and lethal exponent of sports psychology). He is also, let's not forget, extremely rich...

His mother enrolled him on a business course, on which he lasted only a single day, before switching to physical education. He became a PE teacher, and the PE attendance figures rocketed. "Until he arrived no girls ever wanted to do PE, but suddenly nobody was asking for a doctor's sick note," a (female) former pupil later breathlessly recalled...

A key part of Mourinho's allure for women is his concern for his wife and family. In a sport in which infidelity follows hot on the heels of a honeymoon, he has kept himself out of trouble and off the gossip pages.

He cannot have been short of offers over the years, and yet, as far as we know, he has shown strength and resisted temptation. In this, and in so many other respects, he has come to represent much of what we wish our national game was, but which it shows with staggering regularity that it is not. His beauty, charm, glamour, decency and inner strength are the very antithesis of the drunken, ill-educated yobbishness we associate with the game...

Yet José was at his best when he was calm and dismissive. The first time Chelsea played Barcelona at the Nou Camp, a Spanish reporter delighted in reminding Mourinho of his humble past as a translator at the club. " Yes, and now I'm one of the best managers in the world," Mourinho replied. "But you're still doing the same job you have always done."

Okay, these videos won't interest many. I'm just keeping them for my own records!


At 2:19 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Yes, he is easy on the eyes and his loyalty to his wife makes him even more attractive.

Glad to see that you're posting again!

At 3:52 PM, Blogger Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Yeessss... I've seen his face on the telly and I heard that he's leaving -- or left. But I'm obviously out of the loop on this.

I just wanted to thank you for that great song that you left in my comments. We liked it very much.



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