Tuesday, June 05, 2007

real estate woes

I've got the real estate blues. Been looking for over a year and we are officially burnt out. We have seen a lot of junk out there. The market is fair, if it is a good home, it goes fast. There are a lot of nasty homes on the market at inflated prices and when you get lured in through misleading photos (wide angle lenses seem to be a favorite) it becomes very disheartening.

We love our current house for its layout, but it is far too far away from the city. Why can't we just find a simple, well-designed home? 1200 - 2000 square feet. Not too much carpet, or at least leave us some money to tear it out. A bit of privacy. A little garden. Not all chopped-up interiors. Not on a busy road. I'm not asking for the world, just the impossible, it seems. Haven't found it yet.

In North America, you certainly won't find many houses within walking distance to shops, library or cultural ammenities. We haven't designed our infrastructure for the pedestrian. Do not get me started!



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