Tuesday, June 05, 2007

looking for a simple house

Simple House by Sarah Nettleton

So many Americans are paying huge amounts to live in houses. But is that really a benefit to them as they look at their own lives and resources, or is it a burden to buy a large elaborate house? This book isn't saying, "Don't build a big house." It's about beginning that conversation with yourself about what's good enough for you. --Denver Post

Oversized rooms, clutter and complexity are rejected in favor of simplicity and sustainability in the 21 homes examined through text and photos. From San Francisco to upstate New York, these homeowners have chosen eco-friendly, sustainable designs and turned away from mindless acquisition in a quest for a less frenetic lifestyle. --New York Newsday

The 6 Paths to Simplicity:
1. Simple is Enough
2. Simple is Thrifty
3. Simple is Flexible
4. Simple is Timeless
5. Simple is Sustainable
6. Simple is Refined


At 2:41 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

All so true. Too bad so many people lust after too large, too fussy, too ugly houses! I'm a big fan of the Not So Big House movement, which promotes well built, well organized homes that just aren't so oversized.


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