Sunday, May 27, 2007

these are a few of my favorite things

I grew up with ponies and even a little donkey. I love all little farm animals; ponies, llamas, goats, chickens, etc. Anything but cows (long story).

I especially love donkeys. Donkeys are the sweetest, most gentle creatures.
Some of these photos were taken from Raining Sideways

Sadly, donkeys are also some of the world's most abused. My heart goes out to these little guys. They really are fantastic, wonderfully sweet animals. Unfortunately, when I did a search for donkey on video, I could only find footage of two donkeys being released into a lion's den at an Iraqui zoo. I didn't watch but am sickened at what constitues sport and entertainment in this world.

I hope to visit the Donkey Sanctuary in the UK next time I am there. Not exactly the first tourist destination that pops into most people's minds...

Near our house, there is a field near the road which is chock-a-block with miniature ponies and foals, pygmy goats and llamas. I can't handle it. It's like heaven in that little field. I almost drive off the road craning to see them. Crazy, eh? Their minitature pony mare just had a foal.


At 11:59 PM, Blogger jodi said...

Hi Julie:

Thanks for dropping in to visit; I've only had a quick chance to return the compliment as I'm up-to-my-ears in deadlines, but I've enjoyed what I've read so far. We have a donkey--we call her the donkeyfrommars, as she's obviously from another planet or dimension. At 27, she's probably got donkey-Alzheimers, which would explain why she's as stunned as she is, but she's a sweetie despite that. She keeps the coyotes and deer out of the pasture and the horse in, and that's a very good thing.
the tiger photos are magnificent--hard to contemplate a big cat so eagerly diving, let alone swimming. I'll have to tell our cat-children about this.

cheers, jodi


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