Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hack your Ikea

We've all done it. Don't pretend you haven't. We've all purchased Ikea furniture. Here's a cool site to help us, ermmm... update our tired Ikea furniture. I challenge anybody to tell me that they have not a stick of Ikea in their house!

Now this hack I have wanted to do FOREVER. Of course, I would paint the bed white. I paint everything white. And Kitty would get an Amy Butler duvet. I am totally running to Ikea to buy this doll pet and paint it for my cat (whom I love):




At 5:07 PM, Blogger UKBob said...

Don't talk to me about Ikea! I wouldn't buy anything from that place since I spent a whole day trying to put together a chest of draws only to discover it had two left sides, the darn thing nearly drove me mad. I’m still traumatised to this day!!


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