Saturday, November 11, 2006

Martha Feminism?

Would you buy this magazine? I sit here with a subscription slip to Martha's Living magazine but am unsure whether or not I should subscribe.

Martha is widely heralded as a "courageous" pioneer who has taken the domestic activities and "female values" that contemporary women are ashamed to admit that they have and has made them honorable again by building a multi-million dollar industry with them.

Feminists are not supposed to like "home making". Yet I love decor, I love domesticity. I can't shake it and pretend that I don't love the domestic sphere. As I have mentioned, I love interiors, I love fabrics, I love furniture, I love cooking, baking, gardening. I can't shake it.

So is Martha a feminist because she is a hard-nosed business capitalist who carved out her own fortune, or is she anti-feminist for representing her home(s) as one-woman works of wonder when in reality such "masterpieces" have taken millions of dollars and huge workcrews to achieve? Argh!


At 6:09 PM, Blogger suburban mom said...

I would definitely, definitely by a small, older house right in the city. Unless you might have kids very soon and the schools suck. But even if kids are a few years off, I would definitely do it!

And martha is a feminist. Of course. Anyone who thinks women should have all the same rights and opportunities is. I completely disagree that feminists aren't supposed to like decorating etc. I've never even heard that before. My family is full of successful, Stanford and Berkeley educated women who also just love to bake a pie and arrange some flowers. Remember my grandmother? first chick at Harvard med (almost) and she was a kick-ass cook.

Subscribe to martha! martha rules. Just subscribe to the NY Times also. :)

At 2:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

having read your blog you probably won't get much from the magazine, it seems your skills are beyond Martha to the masses -

most feminists have strong enough egos to manage the domestic sphere with the same flare they do intellectual pursuits - they do it for themselves, not to prove themselves or seek validation from others - there, my dear, is the difference -

Martha is a feminist for "having the balls" to pursue her interests


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