Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Advertisement for Birth Control?

Another year

Okay, today I am another year older.

I hope that this year is better than last year.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Martha Feminism?

Would you buy this magazine? I sit here with a subscription slip to Martha's Living magazine but am unsure whether or not I should subscribe.

Martha is widely heralded as a "courageous" pioneer who has taken the domestic activities and "female values" that contemporary women are ashamed to admit that they have and has made them honorable again by building a multi-million dollar industry with them.

Feminists are not supposed to like "home making". Yet I love decor, I love domesticity. I can't shake it and pretend that I don't love the domestic sphere. As I have mentioned, I love interiors, I love fabrics, I love furniture, I love cooking, baking, gardening. I can't shake it.

So is Martha a feminist because she is a hard-nosed business capitalist who carved out her own fortune, or is she anti-feminist for representing her home(s) as one-woman works of wonder when in reality such "masterpieces" have taken millions of dollars and huge workcrews to achieve? Argh!

Friday, November 10, 2006

I need real estate advice!

I need advice.

We are looking to move. Currently, we live in a nice little house in the wrong location. We live in a rural subdivision called Redneck Boondocks (my fault) and are realising that it is just TOO FAR to ammenities. Twenty minute drive to get milk, the library, the gym, yoga classes, night classes, etc. Everything involves driving, driving, driving...

We want to move to the city.

Here's the question: do we buy a NEW house in the 'burbs or a crumbly older home in a cool, walkable area?

Our city is still fairly affordable. We are still on the cusp of being able to afford a small home in the "trendy" neighbourhoods. You know the ones; where you can walk to fair-trade coffee and boutiques and where the houses are old and "quaint" and the taxes are through the roof but you get faster appreciation.

Or we could sign on a newer, cookie-cutter suburban house which looks exaclty like the one beside it but in which everything is NEW and blissfully operational. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, no orange shag carpet, etc. (husband works around the corner)

So the conundrum is: do you buy an older home in a walkable, vibrant neighbourhood or a brand new home in the suburbs? What's your advice? Are the suburbs evil? What about the gentrification of the inner-city?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


About a month ago, the dishwasher broke. One of many things that are always breaking. I mean, it didn't break, it just leaks water. Not good. Since we are planning on selling the house, I tend to view these little maintenance issues as ammunition. The house is trying to get us. It's a money pit. I tend not to be too proactive about getting things fixed, but think instead "Is that all you've got, house? A little leak from the dishwasher?"

"What's next" is usually my last thought before drifting off at night. This home ownership business is definitely over-rated. I'm thinking condo, myself... but I digress.

So, since the dishwasher broke, and since I refuse on moral grounds to fix yet another thing wrong with this house, a funny thing has happened. The kitchen stays clean. Really clean.

I wash dishes as soon as they get dirty. It takes hardly any time at all. It's faster than loading and unloading that horrible dishwasher and as an added bonus the counters and stove stays clean.

You know how when you use the dishwasher, you don't need a soapy cloth, right? So the counters don't quite get the attention they need. When I do dishes by hand, I am constantly wiping the counter, the stove, the fridge, etc.

It's amazing. The kitchen is so much cleaner and it takes much less effort to keep it that way. Who knew?