Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In Stitches Book

So here is an example from the book that I am getting called In Stitches.

I am going to set up a sewing area in the basement (bummer) and get some clear plastic fabric boxes. Oh joy!!! Joy!!!!

I love, love, love fabric. I love paper more, but I love fabric second.

I really need an apron. So I hope to make this one of my first projects. I love an apron. I like this 50s girly apron. No bib apron for me.

Below are some pants. Lounge pants. Husband doesn't like them. But I do. Worth a shot. Good for Sunday morning. Who am I kidding? Good for all the time. Mwhahaha. Me hates tight pants.

Ah, but I have to go shopping. Have to buy some nice fitting clothes. I am terrible with clothes. Terrible. Horrible. I hate shopping, although I just came back from five hours of shopping, which is an accomplishment with my latest neck/shoulder injury thingy. It's getting better (thanks for asking, K.)!

Lets just say patience is not my strong suit and being injured for six months straight, unable to do my regular things (like take walks and make sandwiches) has not been a happy time for me.

I hope to sew soon. But stay off the computer so much. Computer = evil. Computer = bad posture. Bad posture = bilateral repetitive strain injury, upper crossed syndrome and muscoskeletal dysfunction (not fun).

Monday, October 23, 2006

Amy Butler

Amy Butler

Ooh! I think I found my craft! Some people knit, some paint, some scrap. I have always liked to sew.

The handbags on this site are to die for and she just published a very cool book called In Stitches. Only I am not so into the vintage pattern thing, necessarily. Girly, yes. Vintage... uh... no.

Birthday present, me thinks.

I love bags.