Friday, August 11, 2006

dragged through a hedge backwards

I have been trying to grow my hair long. One length. I've tried long layers, I've tried shorter layers and now, I am trying one length. Ya know what? It's just not working.

I envy you girls with thick, straight hair sporting a few strategic highlights. I want that hair. That texture. Straight, thick and heavy. Now I don't really like Jennifer Aniston's hair, but the texture of her hair looks very manageable. Straight, weighty, able to behave itself. Or is this just an illusion? Do girls with straight, shiny hair spend hours straightening it?

For instance, can you let your hair just AIR DRY? Does it look normal afterwards or does it look like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards (my husband's description).

My hair is similar to this poor anonymous woman who I don't know. No... this is not me, it's almost exactly like my hair, though. Fine, flyaway hair. (sorry, lady)

I don't want to spend half an hour straightening it, or curling it. I just ponytail it and with the wind and humidity all these horrible fine little hairs break free and form a halo. Do you know what I mean?

What do I need? Product? Hours of straightening? Or maybe a really short (yikes) cut? I am tired, tired, tired of my hair. Not to mention that it never gets out of a ponytail. Never.

Advice needed. I think I may hack it off. Maybe something like this... Comments, product suggestions? Anyone?!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


2 chiropractors
3 physiotherapists
1 osteopath
1 massage therapists

= not a good summer!

I can only visit online for 5 minutes at a time (and shouldn't go on the computer at all) so please excuse lack of posting!


Thursday, August 03, 2006

out of commission

Okay. I haven't been posting or writing because for the past few months I have been going through a pain crisis. I dont' know what it is, although I suspect my pain has a lot to do with an old whiplash injury I sustained when I was 20. A very, very bad auto accident, one in which I should have been killed, but was not.

I haven't had a lot of pain for 13 years. I could work, exercise, shop, cook, garden... you name it. Now something has happened to my neck. Something bad. Maybe a disc they say, MRI shows arthritis. Physio thinks I may have rheumatoid arthritis. Yikes.

I am in constant pain. I can't drive. Can't shop. Can't clean. Can't cook. Can't go to school. I am screwed.

I am seeing chiropractor three times a week, massage twice a week and physio once a week. That's five appointments a week, like a full time job. My pain is unrelenting. Every day. Painful spasms, joint pain in my neck. Just typing this is killing me.

I have to stay off of the computer for a while. My pain may be postural. Repetitive strain in the neck and shoulders. Sigh.

For those of you that can walk and jog and cook for your family, those of you who shop and laugh and go out for dinner and never think twice.... count your lucky stars. Take full advantage of living a full life. I took for granted everything I was able to do before this pain started. I never thought twice about camping. Travelling. Driving. Riding a bike. Jogging. Going to the beach. Taking a long walk. I can't do those things now and I miss them.