Saturday, June 17, 2006

Damn Colony with Dismal Shopping...

You would think I would be able to find a simple, chocolate brown, wooden pillar candle in my country? Anywhere? Nope.

I am dying to have two or three of these in different heights. Been looking for years. We don't *have* them, anywhere.

The other item I have been looking for for at least five years is a nice wrought-iron headboard. I love wrought iron. We don't have any of these, either... This headboard (below) is a bit fussy, but I can't find anything close to it up here, anyway. None. Nada.

I have, however found really cheap, nasty looking iron headboards with bad welding jobs and spray-painted "rust finishes" on them. I've looked everywhere, high end and low end to no end.

Oh, and I can't find any nice wrought-iron wall sconces, either. My kingdom for some nice wrought-iron wall sconces.


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