Friday, June 16, 2006

Cotswolds Christmas Village Tour, Darlink.

These are photos from my 05 Christmas trip. I know, I know, it was six months ago.

I love English villages. When I am not touring English villages, I am reading about English villages in my British Cozy murder mysteries. The murder plot is always such a detraction from the description of the villages.

There is nothing, NOTHING, in my country to compare with the beauty of a historic English village. These photos are from the Cotswolds, the most picturesque villages in England (arguably) are found in this area.

It's not just the cobblestoned streets and the honey-coloured stone, the gardens, the horses, the tea shops serving fresh baked scones. When you go in the winter, the weather is also a bonus. There are flowers blooming. You can walk outside.

Year-round gardening and hiking... the perfect society, I say!

Now these are a wee bit boring if you aren't as fond of English villages as I am.


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