Friday, June 23, 2006

The Art of the Picnic?

Summertime and the time is perfect for picnics and farmer's markets. We usually head up to the farmer's market every Saturday morning to buy some organic stuff and to replace the organic honey that I managed to eat during the week. Every week. Tsk. Tsk.

I get obsessed with picnicing at the beach in the summer. I love, love, love picnicing. It is the hilight of my summer and we have at least one picnic a week.

This year we bought a pass to our local provincial park beach ($75) and we get up there as often as we can. Because we live out in the boondocks, this beach is only 15 minutes for us yet too far away for the city crowd, so it is usually deserted and gorgeous. It's like having your own beach! Why pay $500,000 for a cottage? I always pack a simple picnic, but I am getting more and more sophisticated with the picnicing.

For instance, last summer we bought this portable BBQ called the Cobb Cooker. It comes with recipes for stuffed roast chicken, lamb curry, roast beef, baked apples, etc. It's a gourmet, portable BBQ and uses only four pieces of charcoal. You can cook rice, potatoes, bread, cakes you name it! Yay!

We are heading up to the beach tonight so I am on the hunt for an old-fashioned wicker picnic basket and a gorgeous summery table cloth (no vinyl) and those clips you can secure the table cloth to the table with. I want to picnic like Martha.

Sometimes we bring our bikes because the beach is located in a massive provincial park, so we cruise the trails afterwards.


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that sounds fabulous! enjoy!


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